About accounting company "Minerva D" 

Our company was founded in 2007 by uniting in their perennial grown professionals and allies.

The goal is not only to take its unique place in the business environment, but also to provide its customers with a wide range of services and quality service, which reflects our understanding of the high quality of accounting and financial advisory services.

Our mission: 

To help customers better manage and more efficiently manage your business.

Our goal:

To provide a professional and vibrant financial and tax policy consultation, as well as providing quality operational accounting services to businesses and individuals.

Our values:

No matter how much we would have done, and digital images, any business is based on people and human factors. We respect people and take care of the relationship by creating a focus on the nuances of each customer individually to provide accounting services, such as may be necessary for you. We believe that only the mutual benefit of open language, mutual respect and tolerance providing service quality performance and business development.

Our team

Valentina Sunevicha, SIA "Minerva D"

Valentina Sunevicha

Getting started with the client Valentine Šuņēviča first analyze and assess the business situation and financial analysis will be carried out, which will make the right decisions for a successful company to continue operations. It helps solve the problem of non-standard situations, to follow changes in legislation, advise the tax calculation, as well as profitability and solvency analysis.

Sandra Sturmane, SIA "Minerva D"

Sandra Sturmane

Data analysis can bring substantial benefits to enterprises - reduce costs, increase revenue and profits, build a long-term loyal relationships with customers, improve operational efficiency, to make informed and effective decisions. Sandra Stūrmane using all possible legal solutions to recommend to the client the most optimal way of development.

The most valuable capital of any company is staffed with a high level of professionalism . Staff competence is ensured by the high theoretical and practical preparedness for a wide range of financial issues arising from the business process. The wide range of employee work experience and provides a high capacity for work a wide range of financial issues with maximum effectiveness and efficiency.